The Cattery of Persian Cats

Welcome to my website!
My name is Tamara Vysotskaya, I live in Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny.
I am pleased to present to you my site cattery Vitas Little.
My Cattery has CFA reg, and I have been breeding Persian and exotic cats., our specialty - solid, bi-color and tabby colors.
All my cats live freely in the house as family members, they are surrounded with love and care!
For me this is very important! I think that only in such circumstances cats and kittens are happy and healthy.
And also, they are socialized and have a wonderful character!
We have a small Cattery! A hobby of mine shared with me in my family - thanks to them for their help and support!
So, the focus of my breeding - quality, not quantity!
My dream - it is a Persian cat with a sweet, open expression, cobby body, a rich coat, good health, good tmperamentom!
In my breeding program used by the world's best bloodlines Cattery - Steeplechase, Ezluvin,Tehy,Toy Tricksy,
Rhamjoge, Catillak, Belcats, Last Call, Day O, Kozy, Cattrax, Artemis, Wishstar, Ark Star, etc.
I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Galina Gurieva (Toy Tricksy cattery) for the perfect girl
GC Toy Tricksy Maryanne, and for their help and friendship!
My thanks to Diana Belfatto, Lynn Lopiano, Jean Green, Marina Veryaskina, Natasha Kirilenko,
Venera Khismetova for my beautiful cats!
I hope you enjoy visiting my website about my favorite cats!
Thanks for visiting!

Vitas Little is a DNA PKD tested cattery.

Ovner: Tamara Vysotskaya

Naberezhnye Chelny,
phone: +7 904 767 1859 or 8 8552 706702