CH. Belcats Gum Drop of Vitas Little
Dilute Calico Persian

Belcats Candy-Man
CH.Kozy Purr-Haps
CH.Belcats Piano Man of Kozy
GC.Hugsalot's Sun Dancer of Oh Lala
CH.Belcats Topsy Part II
CH.Kozy E.S.P.
GC.Kozy In Memory Of
CH.PR.Kozy Clairvoyant
GC.Belcats Chantilly Lace
CH.Belcats Rum And Coca Cola
GC.RW.Sicilia Cesare Di Roma of Belcats DM
CH.Belcats Francesca
GC.Kozy Angel Eyes of Belcats
CH.Solace Honest Abe of Kozy (Primadowdy)
GC.Kozy Halo

Belcats Dark Crystal
RW.GC.Belcats Black Magic
RW.GC.Sicilia Cesare Di Roma of Belcats DM
CH.Marhei Rosso Calore of Sicilia
CH.Belcats Walkin' After Midnight DM
GC.Belcats Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
GC.Kikicat High Hopes of Belcats DM
Belcats Spice Wafer DM
GC.GP.Belcats Crystal Blue Persuasion
Belcats Baby's Got Blue Eyes
Fanci-Fluff Frankie of Belcats
CH.GP.Belcats Night And Day
Hankypankys Patty Cakes of Cheshirr
GC.Bolo Pearl Jam of Hankypankys (of Fagervoll)
Rangemore Jasmine of Hankypankys ( Bevonnie)

Cats of Vitas Little