Red and White Persian

Steeplechase Hot Rod

Steeplechase One in a Million
GC. Steeplechase Cadbury
CH.Steeplechase Muito Dinaheiro Reis
Pena Bluejean Girl of Steeplechase
Steeplechase Whiteout
Tehy Show N'Tell of Steeplechase
CH.Sundew's Show Blitz of Steeplechase

Ezluvin Tammy Tangelo of Newages
CH.Ezluvin Sandman
CH.Ezluvin Dan D.Lion
GC.Ezluvin My Cream Dream

Flavelle Babydoll of Lees Perznzs
CH.Budmar's Love Affair of Purrin Gems
Pearlsnlace Chloe of Worthwhile

Steeplechase Carlotta of Vitas Little

Day Oh Foolish Rumor
GC.Wishstar Infinity
GC.BW.RW.NW.Wishstar Triumph DM
CH.Boberan Rhythm-Of-Love of Patsi-Kat
CH.Day Oh Lady In Red
CH.Wishstar Impact of Day Oh
Chrishanna Jewelett of Purrfectgems

Priscilla of Steeplechase
RW.GC. Parti Wai The Cat In The Hat
GC.Artemis Rumor
GC.Parti Wai Grace DM

Day Oh There Is Something About Her
GC.BW.RW.NW.Wishstar Triumph DM
Day Oh Merri Christmas

Cats of Vitas Little